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6 Top Digital Marketing Trends for Startups to Implement

Marketing has arguably changed more since 2020 than in the past five decades because of the rapid shift to online and e-commerce platforms. If you’re a startup in today’s business environment, you must adopt digital marketing trends for brand solutions.

Digital marketing is a broad opportunity that involves anything on the internet used to market your startup. Branding builds credibility, improves the image, and raises awareness.

Although almost any digital marketing is better than nothing, startups need to invest wisely in their outreach solutions. The following strategies are affordable, easy to manage and deliver an excellent ROI.

1. Email Marketing

When startups spend $1 on email marketing, they receive an average of $36 in return. That makes it one of the best options in the digital sphere today. Some industries go even higher, seeing a $42 or more return for each dollar spent.

2. Social Media Marketing

People want to connect with brands and businesses authentically. When startups invest in this digital marketing option, they can create one-on-one conversations and sharable moments that develop productive relationships.

Instead of trying to be everywhere at once, choose a single platform that matches the desires of your target market. As your startup grows, you can expand that footprint.

Another option in this category is to implement pay-per-click-style advertising with social media ads to create more awareness about your startup without a significant monetary investment.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Organic traffic converts at up to 12 times the rate of paid traffic for startups. That means more revenues can come from fewer visitors when your digital marketing investments include SEO improvements. Blogging can be very useful for this type of digital marketing.

Traffic builds with SEO because it creates trust. Although it requires more ongoing monitoring than other investments, it can also generate significant returns.

4. Content Marketing

Investing in this digital marketing opportunity supports multiple efforts, including social media and SEO. It works to build lasting relationships while increasing brand visibility for startups in any industry.

The content aims to give readers something valuable without expecting something in return. It can include checklists, how-to guides, instructions, or thought leadership. By establishing your startup as an industry expert, you’ll have more ways to communicate with consumers while boosting recognition.

Press releases are a new trend in this area, providing relevant and distributable information for websites and multiple media outlets. Cameo is also a new trend that can provide content for your press releases. This digital marketing trend allows you to pitch your startup by messaging celebrities to get scripted or unscripted results. All celebrity videos for Sigma Chi Psi are unscripted. You can get unscripted results by reaching out to celebrities that align with the type of business you have. Share your organization's purpose, vision, mission, and accomplishments and ask if they could share their thoughts on the information provided. See the video example below of Kenya Moore, a Wayne State University Graduate and Raven Symoné online associates degree.

Digital marketing trends continue to evolve, but these components deliver proven results. By generating leads and spreading brand awareness, you can start letting your target market know you’ve got something to offer.

5. Retargeting Ads

Almost 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned. Although the reasons for this behavior are variable, the outcome remains the same for your startup. You are losing 70 out of 100 potential customers. This investment shows relevant advertising to visitors who have already seen your website.

Some customers get pulled away from a transaction because of life’s responsibilities. Distractions are everywhere. If you invest in this digital marketing opportunity, you can pull back at least a few of the people who walked away from your startup.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Time is precious when you’re building a startup from scratch. You might not have the resources available to create digital marketing opportunities. With this option, you can let others do the work for you by having affiliates promote your best attributes. Try adding influencers into the mix to get a boost across different social media platforms for an extra boost of interest.

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