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How to Use Your Sorority or Fraternity Membership Experience for Resumes and Job Interviews

Joining a sorority or fraternity is often a highlight of college life, offering not just the chance to make lifelong friends but also to develop skills that are highly valued in the professional world. While Greek life sometimes faces stereotypes, the truth is that the experience can be a goldmine of opportunities for personal and professional development. In this blog post, we'll explore how to use your sorority or fraternity membership experience effectively in resumes and job interviews.

Highlight Your Real-world Experience

Greek life provides a plethora of real-world experiences that employers seek. Leadership roles within these organizations come with responsibilities like bookkeeping, budget management, event planning, and member management. Demonstrating these experiences on your resume can give you an edge, showing potential employers that you're capable of handling real-world tasks with less need for extensive training.

Update Your Resume

To make your resume stand out, start by deciding where to list your Greek affiliation (under sections like experience, interests, activities, or leadership). Include the name of your organization and your role, followed by a brief description of your skills and duties. Remember, while quantifiable achievements are important, it's equally crucial to effectively explain these experiences during your interview for a deeper impact.

Explain Your Skills in Interviews

Having a resume that highlights your skills is just the start. In interviews, use examples to explain how you managed your role in the sorority or fraternity and what you learned. Show how these experiences are relevant to the job you're applying for. Displaying confidence and passion while discussing your Greek life involvement can make a strong impression on employers.

Key Skills to Highlight

  1. Communication: Your ability to communicate effectively is crucial. Discuss how you used these skills in coordinating events or delivering presentations.

  2. Leadership: Showcase your experience in managing teams, making decisions, and leading projects.

  3. Event Planning and Organization: Detail your involvement in organizing events, managing logistics, and working with budgets.

  4. Teamwork and Collaboration: Provide examples of how you worked collaboratively to achieve common goals.

  5. Time Management: Sorority or fraternity involvement often requires juggling various responsibilities. Highlight your ability to meet deadlines and prioritize tasks.

  6. Conflict Resolution: Discuss your role in resolving conflicts, emphasizing your diplomatic communication skills.

  7. Networking and Relationship Building: Talk about how you built connections within the organization and with alumni or professionals.

  8. Organizational Skills: Show how you balanced chapter requirements, meetings, events, and personal commitments.

  9. Cultural Competence and Diversity Awareness: Mention any training or initiatives you participated in that focused on diversity and inclusion.

  10. Problem-Solving: Provide examples of how you identified and solved problems within your organization.

Incorporating Non-Leadership Sorority/Fraternity Experience into Your Career Advancement

Even if you weren't in a leadership role in your sorority or fraternity, your experience as a member still offers valuable skills and experiences that can be highlighted in your resume and job interviews. Here's how to frame these experiences:

Participation and Engagement

  1. Active Involvement: Emphasize your active participation in events, projects, and meetings. Being an engaged member shows commitment and responsibility, qualities that are attractive to employers.

  2. Support Roles: Highlight any support roles you undertook. Assisting leaders or committees in organizing events or projects demonstrates teamwork and a willingness to contribute to collective goals.

Skill Development

  1. Communication Skills: As a member, you likely interacted with a diverse group of people. Highlight your ability to communicate effectively within a diverse team.

  2. Event Assistance: If you helped in event planning or execution, discuss your role in these activities. This can include tasks like coordinating logistics, promoting events, or assisting in setup and takedown.

  3. Fundraising and Community Service: Participation in fundraising activities or community service projects is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and your ability to work towards a common goal.

Learning and Adaptability

  1. Learning from Leaders: Talk about what you learned from observing and working with the organization's leaders. This can include understanding organizational dynamics, event management, and effective communication strategies.

  2. Adaptability: Being part of a sorority or fraternity often requires adapting to different roles and responsibilities. Highlight your flexibility and ability to handle various tasks as needed.


  1. Collaborative Projects: Discuss any collaborative projects you were part of. This can include philanthropic events, community service, or group presentations.

  2. Peer Support: If you provided support and encouragement to other members, this showcases your teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Cultural and Social Awareness

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: Being part of a diverse organization allows you to develop cultural awareness. Discuss your experience working in a multicultural environment and how it has prepared you to work in diverse teams.

  2. Social Skills: Greek life often involves a range of social activities. Highlight your ability to navigate and engage in various social settings, a skill useful in networking and client-facing roles.


Remember, every experience in your sorority or fraternity, whether in a leadership role or not, contributes to your personal and professional growth. By articulating these experiences effectively, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you have developed a well-rounded skill set that makes you a valuable addition to their team.


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