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The Damage of Gossip Within Sororities and Fraternities

Sororities and fraternities offer college students the chance to develop lasting bonds and experience a tight-knit community unlike any other. Sigma Chi Psi and Gamma Sigma Gamma aim to provide a safe and inclusive space free from the judgment and conflict of the outside world. However, there are times when that conflict can sneak in, creating division where there was once unity. One of the fastest ways to tear a sorority or fraternity apart is with gossip. Gossip divides and tears down, dehumanizing those you pledged to support and encourage, and eats away at the bonds you once shared. If you're seeking to create an environment that is welcoming and free of drama, it's vital to understand the damage of gossip within sororities and fraternities.

What Is Gossip?

Gossip is defined as the "casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true." It is spreading potential falsehoods about others behind their back, without concern for their well-being. When you gossip, it not only hurts the person you're talking about, but it creates distrust in the one you're confiding in, making them believe if you talk about others, you'll also talk about them.

How Gossip Tears Apart Sororities And Fraternities

Gossip wounds the organization and everyone involved, including the one spreading the rumor causing hurt and damage that, if left undealt with, could cause irrevocable damage. There are many ways gossip tears apart sororities and fraternities, including the following:

Builds Distrust

When someone gossips, it creates an atmosphere of distrust, making everyone involved question the spreader's motives and integrity. Once doubt is sown, it's challenging to undo, leaving a memory engraved in the minds of all parties involved.

Creates Division

Gossip creates a division that spreads like wildfire through sororities and fraternities. Often those involved take sides, which ruins bonds and unity. The division created can take time to repair, the time you could have spent making memories, serving the community, and deepening bonds.

Harms Self-Esteem

There's nothing like a bit of gossip to tear down another person's self-esteem. Knowing that the people they once trusted are talking about them behind their backs can lead to feelings of worthlessness, shame, and embarrassment. Remembering one negative comment can undo one-hundred positive ones, so speaking unkindly or untruthfully about another person can have devastating implications.

With everyone playing their part, sororities and fraternities can have a welcoming and drama-free community.

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