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Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity 


As the first independent multicultural collegiate sorority and fraternity for all online accredited colleges, universities, and global campuses including trade schools, technical, and community colleges, Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity are dedicated to empowering collegiate women and men with academic excellence, sisterhood and brotherhood, and opportunities for connection through events, community service, and philanthropic efforts.


Privately-owned and operated, Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity began as an ambitious concept in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic briefly forced the postponement of their launch. In late 2020 during a period of tremendous uncertainty, the Sorority and Fraternity founders were not only able to see their dreams come to fruition, but they also defied the odds by attracting new members across the nation from all walks of life. Collectively they began to form a community of individuals who shared the common experience of pursuing their higher education in a virtual format.


The concept was thought of in 2019 in Miami, FL and started in Baltimore, MD, on October 14th, 2020 with ambitious plans for national expansion in the near future. Honored to welcome the renowned Trina E. Braxton as their first 2021 honorary member following the obtainment of her Bachelor's degree online, Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity quickly solidified their place as thought-leaders in the online higher education sector.

Trina E. Braxton Sigma Chi Psi 2021

With a commitment to inclusivity, academic excellence, and service, Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity provide a unique opportunity to bridge the social, cultural, and campus involvement gaps for individuals who are tenaciously pursuing a better future by attending college online. In an ever-evolving educational landscape, where technological advancements have made it possible for more students to learn remotely, Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity are at the forefront of supporting a growing network of online students who hope to build powerful, real-life connections with like-minded individuals and enjoy the student life aspect of the college experience while learning online.


In addition to nurturing the personal and professional development of its members through networking opportunities, skill-building workshops and courses, and social events, Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity are also deeply committed to uplifting their surrounding communities. This effort is accomplished through service initiatives and charitable events which serve to further their mission of building everlasting bonds between their respective Sorority and Fraternity members while establishing a foundation of lifelong friendships. A strategic partnership with Gift of Life Inc., the world's largest and most diverse marrow registry, is one way in which Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity are able to make a life-saving impact and give back to those in need.


As they seek to build their membership capacity and grow their organizations in a productive way, Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity will continue to provide a supportive network and invaluable experience for all of their members. This will be achieved in tandem while also serving as a powerful voice and platform for online students across the globe.

Sigma Chi Psi Leadership

Our Mission


Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity are on a bold mission to bridge the social gap for online students and provide them with an incomparable collegiate experience rooted in academic excellence, service, sisterhood and brotherhood. We aim to provide online students with opportunities to benefit from the sorority social experience that attending higher educational institutions offers. Our dedication to philanthropic work sees us creating the unbreakable bonds upon which lifelong friendships and powerful networks are built. We are committed to advocating for all online student communities and strive to be a respected voice for positive change, social justice, and inclusivity.


Our Vision


We envision Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity being nationally recognized as the premier independent multicultural collegiate Greek Sorority and Fraternity for individuals pursuing higher education online. As we grow in membership, we seek to connect students and alumni on a worldwide scale, providing them with supportive online and in-person networks, regardless of their learning environment. Looking to the future, we will continue to be at the forefront of promoting social justice and inclusivity for all, making a positive impact in our local and global communities through service initiatives, charitable giving, and philanthropic work.


Our Values


In everything that we do, Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity is guided by our core values of sisterhood and brotherhood, skill building, diversity and inclusion, and service. These values drive our actions and guide our members as they pursue their personal and professional development both during and after their time in college.


Sisterhood & Brotherhood: We are a sisterhood and brotherhood bonded by our shared values and commitment to supporting one another through our collegiate journey and beyond. Our members are an extension of our family and we are committed to providing them with a supportive network of individuals who will empower and inspire them to reach their full potential.


Skill Building: Personal and professional growth workshops and courses.


Diversity & Inclusion: We believe that diversity is essential to academic excellence and personal growth. We strive to create an inclusive environment where all individuals feel welcome, respected, and valued.


Service: We are deeply committed to service and give back to our local and global communities through various initiatives and charitable events that are focused on cultivating social responsibility and building a connected membership.

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