Bridging The Social Gap

For Online College Students

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Sorority Established in 2020


 Sigma Chi Psi aims to provide a sisterhood for women pursuing a degree online. Though we primarily focus on students attending online universities, we also extend membership to community and technical college students. 


We are NOT an ONLINE sorority. We operate virtually and connect locally and nationally.

Our Mission

Sigma Chi Psi Sorority and Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity is on a bold mission to bridge the social gap for online students and provide them with an incomparable collegiate experience rooted in academic excellence, service, sisterhood and brotherhood. Our dedication to philanthropic work sees us creating the unbreakable bonds upon which lifelong friendships and powerful networks are built. We are committed to advocating for all online student communities and strive to be a respected voice for positive change, social justice, and inclusivity. Our aim is to provide online students with numerous opportunities to benefit from the social experience that attending higher educational institutions has to offer.

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500 plus members

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3,000 plus hours 

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Over $2,000 in scholarships awarded

This could be the start of something great!

“As our education system continues to evolve with the world’s technological advancements, more and more people may choose to get their education online, leaving a gap in their social experience. We want to continue the many benefits of the sororities and fraternities that have been around for hundreds of years and connect online students locally.” - Founder Dr. Hildra AnnaJean